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Hospitality:  the friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors or strangers.

"I was a stranger and you took Me in" Matt 25:35

Our Company

Krushiker Hospitality Group (KHG Hotels) is a hotel management and development company founded and based in Northwest Arkansas.

Founded by Narry Krushiker, the company has grown to include eight hotels that are franchised through three of the world’s leading hotel companies, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), Hilton Hotels and Marriott.

The ongoing goal of KHG Hotels is to develop and operate the highest quality hotels in the region and the nation. Our continuing drive for excellence in hospitality extends from our President, Narry Krushiker, down to each one of our hotel employees. We strive to provide the guest with an experience unmatched in the industry in quality and guest satisfaction.

KHG Hotels is based in Springdale, Arkansas.


P.O. Box 7479
Springdale, AR 72766
Email: info@khghotels.com

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